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ACACIA Lateral Technologies is proud to present the following brief profile of the company and its dynamic team. Please click on the buttons to the left to move directly to other parts of this web site.

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About Us

ACACIA Lateral Technologies is a fully Australian owned and operated software development company, providing custom IT solutions to corporate and Government clients since 1998.  We also provide the following services: Proudly Australian

With extensive experience in the fields of Electrical Engineering, electronic document and records management, business management in the contestable gas and electricity markets and IT Business Analysis, Acacia will provide the support that you need to make your business more profitable.

Why Acacia? The green and gold colours of this tree reflect our Australian spirit. Lateral thinking is the basis for great solutions to business problems.

Our Mission

To become a leading supplier of technological solutions and services to business.

This Site

This site provides a gateway to the world of software and hardware innovation. Please feel free to make use of any information contained here in your own projects, and share what you learn with others.

The New Web Site

Please visit our new Joomla based web site here

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