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This page provides some details about the construction of this web site. We hope that there are some ideas here that will help you.

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Site Design

The Acacia web site was designed and developed exclusively by Acacia Lateral Technologies Pty Ltd. The aim has been to support Mozilla and IE browser on variable screen sizes down to 800x600 resolution with the best possible response time. This of course is a trade-off between performance and image resolution. Tables and frames have been avoided.


Linux vi was used to create this site.

Copy to Buffer

In the tips and link page, if you are using IE 4 or newer, you can just click the text and it will be copied to your Windows cut-n-paste buffer. This feature is not available on other browsers unfortunately.


A cascading style sheet is used to layout all pages, menus and to ensure that the footer stays in the correct place. It is loaded with comments that might help you understand it a little better. Note that the use of tables for layout has been avoided wherever possible. Thanks to the assistance of Eric Meyer and his book "More Eric Meyer on CSS".

If you are using a Mozilla or Opera browser, you can switch CSS themes using the browser View-->Page Style menu option. See this JavaScript tutorial to see how it is done.

Switch to the Blue theme or switch back to the Default theme.

If you are using a Mozilla browser, you may notice some nice features such as rounded borders and menu transparency are implemented using the -moz-xxxxxxx styles.

Fancy tool tips are implemented with a touch of javascript, a sprinkle of CSS and the title attribute on some html elements.

If you are using a CSS3 compatible browser such as the latest IE or Firefox, this site will dynamically use embedded fonts if they are not installed on your browser. Check out the stylesheet to see how this was done using Embeddable Open Type (eot) font files. If your browser works with eot fonts, you should see the headings on this site rendered in a handwriting font.


A nested HTML un-ordered list is used to declare the floating menus. CSS controls the operation of the menus. There is still an unresolved issue with the Linux Mozilla browser that stops the menus working correctly.


The logo image was created using Linux ImageMagik software using a script. Click on the logo to see the code. Transparent PNG graphics have not been used due to lack of support in Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Browser Support

The following browsers have been tested on this site and an uneasy compromised has been reached. Sorry if your browser performs sub-optimally! I look forward to the day when all browsers render in the same way.


Within pages, only JavaScript has been used where absolutely necessary, with a preference for CSS.


A Linux based Apache server hosts this site. Server Side Includes (SSI) has been used to provide consistent look and feel and to minimise duplication of code. Perl CGI is employed to provide some of the smarts like ping, man pages, traceroute and the guest book.

Our firewall uses htb.init packet shaping to ensure email and web traffic do not conflict and still provide best performance.


Acacia uses Bigpond as our Internet Service Provider.


FreeFind regularly indexes this site and you can use the search field in the top right of each page to search for items within the Acacia web site.

The second search field takes you straight to Google using their new Site-Flavored Search which finds subject matter relevant to information technology and should yeild better results than their standard search. Why muck around!

A robots.txt file is included to help indexing services avoid large and irrelevant data.

Our Icon

You may have noticed the small icon beside our site name if you have bookmarked this site. You can add an icon to your own site by creating an icon file called "favicon.ico" and placing it into the root directory of your web site. It must be 16x16 pixels to work. For instructions using Gimp see MavEtJu. You will also need to include the following in your web pages.

		<LINK REL="SHORTCUT ICON" HREF="http://www.mydomain.com/favicon.ico">


Acacia Lateral Technologies permits the use of all scripts, projects, tips, code and style sheets found on this site for private and commercial use without charge, provided that you provide acknowledgment to the source or the information and a link to this web site in the product documentation or on the web site using this material.

We support the rights of authors to protect their intellectual property through copyright and have endeavoured to ensure that all content in this site is legal. If you are aware of any breach of copyright by this site, please email us and the content will be removed immediately.

Content Rating

Acacia Lateral Technologies web site includes ICRA rating (Internet Content Rating Association) information which assists browsers make intelligent decisions regarding content for minors. We would encourage all web site developers to implement this rating system on the sites that they develop.

All postings to the web site are moderated and any content of an elicit or offensive nature, including links posted in the guest book or other areas will be removed.

Please advise us if you notice inappropriate content and it will be removed as soon as practical.


We are experimenting with insertion of relevant advertising on the free ideas page only.


We welcome any comments or constructive criticism.