On-Line Services

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Acacia Lateral Technologies is please to provide the services shown here to the internet community.

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On-Line Services

We hope that the following services will assist you in gaining better technical knowledge and in debugging various internet problems. Please email us at Acacia Lateral Technologies if you have any suggestions for additional services that would be of benefit.

Webcam Service

Click here to control the Acacia webcam.

Ping Service

Click here to get the Acacia server to ping your IP Address.

Trace Route Service

Click here to get the Acacia server to trace a route to your IP Address.

Show Browser Information

Click here to display the information provided to our web site by your browser.

Web Colour Chooser

Click here to display encoded colours for use in developing web sites.

Hourly Technical Tips Service

Acacia is happy to provide technical tips that are automatically updated hourly for your site. What you get is the following tip format.

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Just add the following code to your page to make use of this service: