X10 Mains Control for Your House

X10 is a well established home automation system and set of protocols. It is based on injecting a small, high frequency signal into your house wiring to control deviced connected to this wiring. You can using a single switch to turn off all the lights, TV and ensure the doors are locked.

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If you purchase a starter kit, you can be up and running in minutes. This kit is ideal for control by Linux using cron jobs.

The only issue that I have noticed is where you have a three phase mains connection. Most houses have single phase mains (2 wires), but with three phase, the signal that is injected by the controller may not reach the other phases. You can get around this with coupling filters or active 3 phase repeater modules, but they all cost more than the starter kit.


Again, not much is required. Almost zero CPU, disk, memory is required for this, so delegate it to an old 486 in the shed.




crontab -e

# A1 used to control front Christmas lights
# on the front of the house
15 20 * * * /root/heyu turn A1 on
17 20 * * * /root/heyu turn A1 on
30 23 * * * /root/heyu turn A1 off
32 23 * * * /root/heyu turn A1 off

# New years - on-off-on-off-on at midnight
# and off again at 2:30am
33 23 31 12 * /root/heyu turn A1 on
59 23 31 12 * /root/heyu turn A1 off
0   0  1  1 * /root/heyu turn A1 on
1   0  1  1 * /root/heyu turn A1 off
2   0  1  1 * /root/heyu turn A1 on
30  2  1  1 * /root/heyu turn A1 off

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