Belconnen Live Fishcam

Use the controls on this page to control the camera.

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Belconnen Live Fishcam

Use this page to control our live Fishcam. If the camera moves unexpectedly, someone else may also be controlling it.

The camera is pointed at a fish tank to show a bit of live content. You may need to hit one of the arrows to see an image or refresh on your browser after the move.

Local time is Thursday, 16-Aug-2018 02:57:54 AEST

Light Darker Norm Lighter
Expos Norm Back Night

Set Status Light on camera Off On

The camera supports control signals for pan and tilt via port 1600 and also streams live video back to a client from this port. What you see here is a single frame that is taken after you have pressed one of the buttons.

The Fish

The fish in this tank include:

How It Works

The following dot points explain how this Fish cam works.

CGI Script Commands

You can pass any of the following commands to the CGI script to control the camera. Note that all start with /cgi/veo.cgi?

The core code in the cgi script is.

	<img src="/cgi/veo.cgi?action=getimage">
	<a href="/cgi/veo.cgi?move=fullup">Move Up</a>

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