Create graphics using scripts.

This project shows you how to build complex graphic images with your Linux system.

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The following is the script used to generate the Acacia logo in the top left corner of these web pages. It generates a 200 x 78 pixel image with a background that matches the header to avoid aliasing noise. The stroke determines how the main ACACIA text is displayed. The image is built from the background to the foreground, with the Wattle green stem and yellow ball like flowers. Fuzzyness is added using the gaussian parameter. The background shadow is added to the main ACACIA logo using 2 black layers and a white that are offset before adding the final text. The horizontal line through the logo is added by another div and is not part of the image.

# G.Collett 2/10/2004
# See: 


convert \
	-size 200x78 xc:$bgcolour \
	-stroke $stalk \
	-strokewidth 5 \
	-draw 'line 130,35 199,1' \
	-gaussian 10x3 \
	-stroke none \
	-fill $flowers \
	-draw 'circle 155,5 160,10' \
	-draw 'circle 155,15 160,20' \
	-draw 'circle 175,5 180,10' \
	-draw 'circle 185,10 190,15' \
	-draw 'circle 195,5 190,10' \
	-font /usr/share/fonts/default/TrueType/helbi___.ttf \
	-fill black     -pointsize 48 -draw 'text 8,51 "ACACIA"'  \
	-gaussian 10x3 \
	-fill black     -pointsize 48 -draw 'text 9,52 "ACACIA"'  \
	-fill white     -pointsize 48 -draw 'text 11,54 "ACACIA"'  \
	-fill $colour   -pointsize 48 -draw 'text 10,53 "ACACIA"'  \
	-font /usr/share/fonts/default/TrueType/helb____.ttf \
	-stroke none \
	-fill $welcome \
	-pointsize 8  -draw 'text 120,76 "ABN 087 038 186" ' \
	-pointsize 12 -draw 'text 10,12 "Welcome to...."' \
	-fill $colour -pointsize 13 -draw 'text 10,65 "Lateral Technologies Pty Ltd"' \
	-fill $border -draw 'line 0,76 198,76' \
	-fill $border -draw 'line 198,76 198,1' \
	-fill white   -draw 'line 0,77 199,77' \
	-fill white   -draw 'line 199,77 199,1' \
	-quality 40 \

ee acacia_logo.jpg

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