Robotic Fish Project

This project details the design and construction of a robotic fish.

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Last updated Thursday, 04-Dec-2014 20:59:23 AEDT

Status: Working on assembler code for PIC controller and pressure transducers. Also re-organising this page.

Project Goals

This project started out as a learning exercise that ended up covering a huge range of mechanical, electrical, control and embedded computing topics. I trust that the background information and design information that are presented in this project will inspire others to build something even better.

The primary goal is to develop an automous robot capable of behavior that emulates a real fish.

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This design started with a lot of Googling for mechanical and electronic options. The real starting point was building a mechanical tail from perspex and brass components. This decision set the baseline for the remainder of the design. The diagram below shows the overall shape and core components of the project including gas bladder, air cylinder, controller and mechanical tail. It was drawn using InkScape.

See the Perspex Handbook for details on cutting, bending, welding and molding this versatile material.

Environmental Constraints

After a lot of unnecessary iteration in the design, it be came obvious that we need to first analyse the environmental and other constraints under which the robot will operate before comming up with a design.

+ About Fish

+ Characteristics of Water

+ The Tank

+ Energy Constraints

+ Design Constraints and Goals

Project Divisions

There are a number of ways to break this project down, but in the end, it comes down to mechanical construction, electronic control, actuators and sensors and the software. This division allows separate systems development and testing.

+ Mechanical

+ Software

+ Electronics

+ Links


This project is huge and there are many design decisions that have been made that are most likely sub-optimal. If you have any better ideas, please feel free to email me. Here are some of my ideas on improvements:

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