Email Bypass of Port 25 Blocking

This project shows you how to place an SMTP mail server inside a firewall that is blocked by the ISP on port 25.

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Acacia runs its own SMTP mail server that used to work just fine behind the firewall. This firewall provided masquerading of incoming and outgoing port 25 email traffic to the internal mail server.

The ISP decided to block all incoming and outgoing traffic on port 25 traffic in an effort to stop spammers but just inconvenienced legitimate users such as Acacia that run their own mail server.

The diagram above shows the Acacia SMTP mail server on the left, listening inside the firewall on port 25. The firewall masquerades incoming email traffic on port 2525 at the firewall to port 25 on the internal SMTP server. provides the dynamic IP service as well as a "Email Reflector" service which answers for the domain on port 25 and forwards incoming email traffic to the firewall on port 2525.

In terms of outgoing email traffic, No-ip does not support sending, so the only path was to route outgoing emails via the ISP's mail server. This is done using the mailconf utility in the basic configuration section to set the "Mail Gateway" to Port 25 is not blocked to this server. The server then forwards emails to the destination as represented in the diagram by the "Other 3rd Party Mail Server" on the Internet.

Firewall Settings

In order to make this work, you will need to configure your ipchains based firewall with settings that are similar to the following:

EXTERNAL_INTERFACE=`ifconfig | grep ppp | head -1 | awk '{print $1}'`
EXTERNALIP=`ifconfig $EXTERNAL_INTERFACE | grep inet | cut -d: -f2 | cut -d" " -f1`
ANYWHERE="any/0"                    # match any IP address
UNPRIVPORTS="1024:65535"            # unprivileged port range

# Allow traffic on port 2525
ipchains -A output -i $EXTERNAL_INTERFACE -p tcp \

ipchains -A input  -i $EXTERNAL_INTERFACE -p tcp ! -y \

ipchains -A input  -i $EXTERNAL_INTERFACE -p tcp \

ipchains -A output -i $EXTERNAL_INTERFACE -p tcp ! -y \

# Masquerade incoming traffic from port 2525 to the internal
# SMTP server on port 25

# Note that this is commented out so that mail goes back out
# on port 25 to bigpond when initiated from the acacia domain.
#ipchains -I forward -p tcp -s $MAILSERVER $MAILPORT -j MASQ  -l

# Allow outgoing email traffic on port 25.  This will only go to
ipchains -A output -i $EXTERNAL_INTERFACE -p tcp \
         -d $ANYWHERE $MAILPORT -j ACCEPT  -l

ipchains -A input  -i $EXTERNAL_INTERFACE -p tcp ! -y \
         -s $ANYWHERE $MAILPORT \

ipchains -A input  -i $EXTERNAL_INTERFACE -p tcp \

ipchains -A output -i $EXTERNAL_INTERFACE -p tcp ! -y \

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