Acacia Free Bluetooth LAN

This project provides details on how to set up a free public Bluetooth Access Point so that you can share some of your bandwidth with your neighbors.

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Quick Settings

If you are close to Acacia (in Melba, ACT - Australia), you will see a Bluetooth LAN called "Acacia" that you can connect to by setting the following:

All that we ask is that you comply with our Acceptable Use Policy and that you email us to tell us your experience with this facility.


The aim of this project is to provide bluetooth connectivity to both the Web and a POP email server, and to share these facilities within the 100m coverage area without exposing the Acacia LAN to the world. In order to provide this facility, we implement a Bluetooth Access Point in this project and take advantage of the Acacia Public WLAN project infrasture.

This project provides all of the details that you will need in order to set up a similar shared access facility.

Physical Configuration

The diagram below shows the physical configuration of this project. You should note the IP addresses as these will help you understand the script settings. Also note that you need to replace xxx with your own settings.


To emulate this public Bluetooth Access Point configuration, you will need:

Logical Configuration

The diagram below shows the logical configuration of this project.

Some points to note on this diagram include:


In order to implement this project in your own environment, you will need one or more PCs with the following software installed:


Refer to Tao of MAC for independent setup instructions.

Configuration and Testing

This is a fairly straight forward if you already have the Acacia Public WLAN project up and running. The following steps should guide you through the additional processes:


It may be worth reading some of the following links if you are encountering problems:


This is a growing project. Some enhancement ideas include:

Please let me know if you have problems setting this up or you have suggestions or corrections.

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