Commercialisation of Innovation

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Let Acacia assist you in commercialising that great idea, product or software application.

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Expression of Interest in Commercialisation

Acacia is seeking expressions of interest from Australian inventors with ideas that they believe could achieve reasonable returns provided they can be assisted in the commercialisation and sale of the item through legitimate sales channels.

How many great ideas never make any money for their inventor because it all gets too hard?

Acacia realises that the process of turning a great idea into Dollars is not as simple as you would hope, and we believe that we can help you in this regard.

We would like to help you in your endevours. Click on each of the following headings for more information about the ways in which Acacia can assist or click + here to open all topics.

+ Completing the Design.
+ Intellectual Property Protection.
+ Business Plans.
+ Funding.
+ Professional Documentation and Training.
+ Marketing Strategies.
+ Sales Channels.
+ Web Sites.
+ Support Facilities.
+ Secure On-Line Sales.

What's in it for Acacia?

Acacia has been through this process and knows how frustrating it can be. We really want to see you succeed. In order to meet our costs, we will negotiate either a fee for service, percentage of profits, or may even invest in your idea ourselves. There are no up front charges and everything is open for negotiation.

Take the first step by emailing Acacia Lateral Technologies to discuss options. We are happy to sign non-disclosure agreements in order to protect your intellectual property.