Free Ideas for Inspiration

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The ideas listed on this page are yours for the taking. We hope that you are inspired to turn one of these into a profit, or even contribute more ideas by adding them at the bottom of this page.

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Ideas for Inspiration

Click on the headings below to see more information about the ideas that others have already submitted.

All that we ask is that you provide acknowledgement to Acacia Lateral Technologies Pty Ltd if you proceed with any ideas or publish information about or based on them. If you have a web site, please provide a link to us. See button exchange for details.

To date, a total of 26 ideas have been contributed.

+ Hot and Cold Takeaway. Submitted by Geoff-2004/11/16-20:02:17
+ Odor Absorbing Bag. Submitted by Geoff-2004/11/16-20:05:13
+ Age indicator on Fluorescent Lights. Submitted by Geoff-2004/11/16-21:42:00
+ Ultrasonic spoon. Submitted by Erin-2004/11/16-23:10:02
+ High temperature chocolate. Submitted by Geoff-2004/11/16-23:15:22
+ Pine needles as herbicide. Submitted by Geoff-2004/11/17-21:54:23
+ MSN Alert Bot. Submitted by Geoff-2004/11/18-23:20:11
+ Channel 77 TV Guide. Submitted by Geoff-2004/11/19-19:30:25
+ Polarised car headlights and windscreens.. Submitted by Geoff-2004/11/20-17:33:40
+ High resolution from multiple low resolution. Submitted by Geoff-2004/11/20-18:37:21
+ Variable capacity bandaids. Submitted by Erin-2004/11/21-09:55:13
+ Vehicle distance safeguard. Submitted by Erin-2004/11/22-19:00:53
+ Self cleaning pond filter. Submitted by Geoff-2004/11/23-22:48:56
+ Free direct current from the sun. Submitted by Geoff-2004/11/23-23:10:02
+ 3D scanner from 2D scanner. Submitted by Geoff-2004/11/25-08:05:52
+ Sun blocking sunglasses. Submitted by Geoff-2004/11/25-22:07:23
+ Pre-emptive traffic lights. Submitted by Geoff-2004/11/25-23:58:56
+ Indestructible letter box. Submitted by Geoff-2004/11/26-21:31:49
+ Kill that Wizard. Submitted by Jeff B.-2004/11/29-13:18:54
+ Better house ventilation. Submitted by Geoff-2004/11/30-07:46:33
+ Sell more weekly magazines. Submitted by Geoff-2004/12/04-13:32:20
+ Lazy Christmas Tree. Submitted by Erin-2004/12/13-21:22:11
+ Radio controlled sprinklers. Submitted by Barry-2004/12/15-20:55:05
+ Bus After Glow. Submitted by Erin-2005/03/31-08:16:37
+ Attach Me Not. Submitted by Charluckls-2005/12/22-11:03:52
New!+ Lockdown. Submitted by Geoff Collett-

Tell Others Your Idea

Please note that by submitting ideas to this site that you are acknowledging that all rights to the use and commercialisation of the idea are placed into the public domain for the use of others.

Do not submit ideas that you may later wish to patent or for which you are not the originator as you may be infringing on that persons rights.